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Keywords: Currency, Commercialization, Employability

What are Bytes?

Put simply, Bytes are a form of currency used at da Vinci Technical Institute. Students may receive Bytes each day for meeting employability standards, and the Bytes may then be used by students to purchase goods at the inschool store (such as tools or academic supplies, or products created by other students), to buy premium food items in the refectory, or to purchase the tools being lent them by da Vinci Technical Institute (enabling them to take them home and to keep them after graduation). Bytes may also be earned from projects which students commercialize while at da Vinci Technical Institute, and any unspent Bytes remaining at the time of graduation are given to the student in the form of a check, with an exchange of one U.S. dollar per Byte. Bytes can be subdivided into 8 bits for smaller items.

Are there any other units of Bytes?

One kiloByte is 1024 Bytes, one megaByte is 1024 kiloBytes, and one gigaByte is 1024 megaBytes.

What is meant by Employability?

A student’s employability is a reflection of their ability to work effectively in a professional environment. There are four overarching categories on which employability is evaluated each day: timeliness; orderliness; professionalism; and responsibility. Timeliness is evaluated on the student’s ability to show up before the stated time with all necessary materials. Orderliness is evaluated on the student’s professional hygiene, appearance, and ability to keep track of their belongings. Professionalism is evaluated on the student’s adherence to respectful rules of interaction. Responsibility is evaluated on the student’s logging of a daily progress report for each of their active projects.

If a student is absent from school, they cannot earn bytes for employability in any category except responsibility.
Up to 2 kiloBytes can be earned by students per semester for employability, allowing students to earn back a significant portion of their tuition if they maintain high employability.

What happens when students commercialize projects?

Students are encouraged to commercialize projects while at da Vinci Technical Institute, and the money they earn will be immediately available in the form of Bytes to spend on tools and supplies, or returned at graduation in U.S. dollars. After accounting for expenses, 25% of the profits go to da Vinci Technical Institute in a general fund, 5% of the profits go to a pool that is divided among the faculty at da Vinci Technical Institute (to encourage investment of effort on the part of instructors on any aspect of any project), and the remaining 70% is divided as negotiated before hand by the student leading the project and anyone they employed.


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