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Credits fulfill graduation requirements and are acquired by completing projects. In order to receive credit, a project must be approved in a review meeting including at least one faculty member and one other student. The review board will provide suggestions, approve the project if possible, and estimate the quantity of credits the project will be worth. After completing the project, the review board will reconvene and will allocate credits based on the documentation provided of the project’s success and effort. The review board may suggest revisions or improvements worth additional credits.


I am unconditionally committed to developing whatever talents, gifts and abilities I have, so that I can create Art that reflects High Standards and thus shares the following qualities with others: Beauty, Quality, Modesty, Gratitude, Nature, Spirit, Hope, and Love. My work has taken me on an exploration of many different mediums and genres of Art. I have found this allows me to speak to a wider range of emotions and people. I hope that you will find something in my work that resonates with you as well. ... Jason R. Allen

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