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da Vinci Technical Institute is based on an educational concept of Anchored Instruction with Technology Applications (Choo & Bottge, 2015), da Vinci Technical Institute has been established to teach through the learning sequence of (1) proposal, (2) pattern making, (3) prototyping, (4) production and (5) presentation

  • Proposal
    • Using writing, hand drawings and verbal communication to convey an idea to follow students and teachers
  • Pattern Making
    • Using CAD software, hand drawings, and experimentation to produce usable models that will be prototyped as viable products
  • Prototyping
    • Using 3D Printers, hand forming, and molding procedures to produce tangible products that will hold up to testing
  • Production
    • Using CNC Routers, hand woodworking, and assembly line technology to produce items that have endured testing and are deemed viable, marketable, and salable products
  • Presentation
    • Using multi-media equipment, verbal communication and an e-portfolio to share finished work with the community, the school and family

I am unconditionally committed to developing whatever talents, gifts and abilities I have, so that I can create Art that reflects High Standards and thus shares the following qualities with others: Beauty, Quality, Modesty, Gratitude, Nature, Spirit, Hope, and Love. My work has taken me on an exploration of many different mediums and genres of Art. I have found this allows me to speak to a wider range of emotions and people. I hope that you will find something in my work that resonates with you as well. ... Jason R. Allen