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A Bit about Bytes

Keywords: Currency, Commercialization, Employability What are Bytes? Put simply, Bytes are a form of currency used at da Vinci Technical Institute. Students may receive Bytes each day for meeting employability standards, and the Bytes may then be used by students to purchase



da Vinci Technical Institute is based on an educational concept of Anchored Instruction with Technology Applications (Choo & Bottge, 2015), da Vinci Technical Institute has been established to teach through the learning sequence of (1) proposal, (2) pattern making, (3)

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SketchUp and 3D printers

The effects of technological applications (SketchUp and 3D printers) on visual-spatial knowledge of high school students at risk Samuel Y. Choo, Ph.D. Candidate University of Kentucky Abstract The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of using computer-aided